How to Clean and Take Care of a Canvas and Leather Bag


How to Clean and Take Care of a Canvas and Leather Bag


Handbags, totes, and business travel bags that are made using a combination of canvas and leather require special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining these types of items. The following helpful tips will save you hours of time searching for answers. Just remember that bags of any kind are meant to be used.


Canvas and leather bag

Canvas and leather bag

  • If possible, try to keep the bag off the floor to prevent dirt accumulating in the canvas that can possibly shred the fabric and make it rip.


  • To clean a canvas and leather bag that you use on a daily basis, brush the bag with a stiff brush to remove dirt and dust.

    Stiff brush for canvas bags

    Use a stiff brush for canvas bags to remove dirt





  • Purchase a sealant or protectant-type spray and spray your bag before beginning to use it. Be sure to test it on a small piece of the canvas to make sure it doesn’t darken the color.

    Protective spray in a bottle

    Use protective spray in a bottle for canvas


  • Before purchasing, check to see if the bottom of the bag has some sort of protective barrier between the actual canvas and leather, such as metal feet or wraparound straps.


  • On the leather portions, use a leather cleaner and conditioner.


  • If the inside of your bag, backpack, tote or suitcase has pockets, you might want to buy and insert pocket liners to protect the leather and interior from any stains, spills, or unwanted odors from items that you place inside the pockets.


  • All bags will, on occasion, get wet. As long as it’s not totally drenched, you should empty the bag and allow it to air dry completely before storing it or using it. Never ever use heat (hair dryer, radiator, fireplace, wood-burning stove) to force a wet bag to dry faster. It will ruin the leather.


  • If your bag has little metal feet, or the clasps or connectors contain some type of metal, you can use a product like Brasso to bring back the shine and smooth the surface. You just want to smudge it, not smother it.


  • Discoloration can occur to your canvas bag if it rubs against your clothing, coat, or anything with color, since the color of the clothing will transfer to the canvas. The quick fix is to spot clean the area that’s stained either with a commercial canvas fabric cleaner or with tepid water and a soft cloth. You might also wish to look into nikwaxing to protect against spills and to waterproof your bag.

Learning how to clean and take care of a canvas and leather bag isn’t all that difficult, do you agree?




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